Rubrik for Healthcare

Protect patient data. Deliver trusted care.

Improve patient outcomes, deliver new services, and accelerate your digital transformation journey knowing that patient data across EHR, enterprise, and SaaS applications is cyber resilient.

Mass recovery

Provide uninterrupted care

Save lives. Ensure availability of your medical and business systems with a data security platform that keeps your data secure and readily available. Continuously monitor for emerging cyber threats or sensitive data exposure. Surgically and rapidly restore impacted apps or files while avoiding malware reinfection.

Protect your EHR data

Apply policy-driven protection to automate backup, replication, and archival of your mission-critical Epic, Meditech, and Cerner EHR, including Caché and Clarity databases. Shorten backup windows with parallel ingestion and an incremental-forever approach, with no impact on production systems.

Recover to a suggested snapshot

Keep patient care running

Secure patient data from insider threats or ransomware with air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backups. Surgically restore files and objects with visibility into how data changed during an attack. Contain threats and orchestrate recoveries while avoiding malware reinfection.

Recover to a suggested snapshot

Facilitate compliance

Discover and classify sensitive data, like PII, PHI, PCI, without any impact to the production environment. Document where sensitive data resides and who has access to it. Maintain regulatory and compliance requirements like HIPPA and GDPR.

Recover to a suggested snapshot

Cyber-proof massive unstructured data volumes

Handle petabytes of patient records, lab tests, PACS imaging, and research data with a performance boost on backup vs. NDMP. Thwart ransomware with an air gap and credential isolation.  Archive directly to any on-premises or cloud S3-compatible target that is immutable. 


De-risk and accelerate your cloud journey

Protect Microsoft 365 and EHR running in the cloud with the same policy-based simplicity and security at scale and under the same operational framework.

Reduce Data Risks & Cyber Exposure

Quickly discover whether your data is safe and ready to recover from a cyber attack. Identify security gaps, quantify data risk, and get actionable recommendations to improve your data security posture.

Recover from Ransomware with Just One Click

Make Rubrik part of your holistic ransomware response strategy. Prevent data loss with Rubrik’s immutable snapshots. Deliver 1-click recoveries with AI-driven data change detection.


How Healthcare Organizations Can Develop an Effective Ransomware Remediation Plan

Healthcare organizations must develop a strong ransomware remediation plan that relies on uncompromised backups. Download this ebook now to begin building your own recovery strategy.



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