Rubrik Brings Data Insights to Sentinel Users

Microsoft Sentinel users can accelerate and enrich threat investigations with more data risk insights and speed up recovery time with automated responses.

Microsoft Sentinel Backup

Better manage risk of business disruption and financial impact of ransomware

Insights and Alerts in the Sentinel Dashboard

Conduct deeper and faster investigations to help understand the scope and root cause of an attack.

Prevent Malware Reinfection

Easily identify last known “clean copy” and prevent malware reinfection.

Rapid and Granular Recovery

Fast recovery, right from Sentinel, with prebuilt workflows and blueprints and better IT/SecOps collaboration.


Ransomware Recovery for Dummies

Learn how to build a recovery plan that makes sense and keeps your organization safe.

ransomware recovery

Recover your data when ransomware strikes

Together, Microsoft and Rubrik strengthen your defense in depth to give you complete data protection. Microsoft provides perimeter security while Rubrik accelerates ransomware recovery across hundreds or even thousands of users. 

Ransomware Recovery

Rubrik secures customer’s data, wherever it lives, across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS

Organizations are destined to pay a ransom if they can’t recover encrypted files quickly – not to mention experience significant revenue and brand damage. When an attack occurs, Rubrik provides visibility into the scope of damage, fast restore from uncompromised backups of important files for business continuity, and alerts that uncover unusual behavior from the ransomware infection.

The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their solutions to better defend against a world of increasing threats.

white paper

Framework for a Comprehensive Ransomware Recovery Plan

Get industry best practices on creating a ransomware recovery plan - including preparation, staffing, containing an attack, data recovery, and remediation.


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