Microsoft 365

Safeguard Microsoft 365 data from ransomware

Cyber-proof your M365 application data with air-gapped, immutable data resilience and rapid recovery at scale.

Mass recovery
data risk

Your Microsoft 365 data is at risk

Microsoft 365 is Critical for Business Continuity

300 million users worldwide.

Microsoft 365 Data Loss is Real

85% have seen an Outlook email breach.

Microsoft 365 is Being Attacked

71% have seen a Microsoft 365 account takeover.


Zero Trust Data Security for M365 with Rubrik and Microsoft

Addressing cyber attacks and other challenges require two shifts in approach. Download ebook to read more. 


Are you prepared to recover from ransomware?

In an attack, Microsoft security tools provide no guaranteed recovery SLA for backup data or data protection and can even be used against you.



Hackers can manipulate Retention Policies, delete your data and prevent you from restoring files, recovering data, and maintain business continuity


eDiscovery and Litigation Hold are not designed for recovery and Microsoft recommends only using for a subset of your data


If attackers gain access to your admin credentials, there may be nothing left to recover


The shared responsibility model says you are responsible for protecting your data

Are You Ready to Recover Your M365 Data from Cyber Threats?

Rubrik and Microsoft security experts explain why targeted Microsoft 365 data requires external backups.


ransomware recovery

Recover your data when ransomware strikes

Together, Microsoft and Rubrik strengthen your defense in depth to give you complete data protection. Microsoft provides perimeter security, detection, and preservation for eDiscovery, while Rubrik accelerates ransomware recovery across hundreds or even thousands of users with comprehensive backups.


Secure with a Logical Air Gap

Even if your identity defenses are breached by a ransomware threat actor or rogue user, Rubrik keeps your backup data isolated and immutable, separate from the Microsoft 365 tenant and solution.

Grant Secure Admin Access

Assign user permissions with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to maintain least privilege principles and prevent unauthorized access.

Keep Attackers Out

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) prevents access even if Microsoft 365 admin credentials are compromised.

Recover from accidental data deletion

Find and restore critical data fast. Save yourself the headache of not knowing if files are still retrievable from the Microsoft 365 Recycle Bin - 60, 90 days and beyond - or relying on versioning to revert changes and restore data.


Quickly Locate the Data You Need

Search for files based on details like email subject or author. Recover individual files or emails, shared mailboxes or entire OneDrive folders in minutes or hours - not days.

Restore Data Where You Want

Restore to the original user or another user. Rubrik instances in Azure Blob Storage make API calls to recover to your preferred location.

Improve Restore Performance

Rubrik stands up separate containers for every backup job, where Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) orchestrates provisioning and deprovisioning. Nodes scale automatically based on workload demands.
Simplify Protection

Unify management & scale

Centralize management and reporting for Microsoft 365 plus other cloud workloads you need to backup. Consolidate your hybrid and multi-cloud data protection with a single SaaS application. Eliminate manual job scheduling with one policy across enterprise, cloud and SaaS within the same UI.


New Users, Sites, or Mailboxes? No Problem!

Enterprise scale to meet the demands of your growing environment with automated protection. Rubrik automatically discovers new users, sites, and teams.

Enable Flexible Security Options

Assign protection policies at the application level or according to Azure AD Groups. Override group SLAs for granular, individual user protection, with multiple daily backups.

Monitor compliance across applications

Inspect the status of protection in aggregate with a single dashboard designed by and for IT admins to protect data and prevent data loss.


Ensure your backups are running

Check status for compliance, SLA audits, and recovery tasks. Export reports on demand or set up recurring delivery right to your inbox.

Stay in compliance

Handle API failures and errors automatically. Rely on a fully automated Rubrik retry mechanism and switching between multiple available Microsoft APIs.

Detect Microsoft 365 Outages

Simplify troubleshooting with a health check that determines outages based on a Microsoft Service API specific to your environment.

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