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Data Protection & Security
for the New Norm

Rubrik delivers a radically simplified approach to data management for state & local governments to recover from ransomware attacks, accelerate cloud mobility, and streamline operations in this new norm.

Benefits overview

Powerful Data Management That’s Built for New Challenges

Remote work, digital access, and ransomware attacks have skyrocketed, placing undue pressure on how you protect and secure your data. Things are changing fast. We can help you keep up.

Recover from Ransomware

Minimize business downtime with an immutable architecture, ML-driven detection, and instant recoveries.

Accelerate Cloud Mobility

Fast-track your cloud journey with a cheaper bill. Archive to cloud, search the cloud, and protect your cloud environments.

Simplify Data Operations

Free up 70-90% of your time spent on routine, administrative tasks with a policy-driven approach and built-in automation.

Ransomware Recovery

Recover Quickly. No Ransom Required.

Your backups should serve as your last line of defense. Leverage Rubrik’s unique defense in depth approach that includes an immutable architecture to safeguard backups, ML-driven anomaly detection, and Instant Recovery for near-zero RTOs. 

The city can be assured that our backups are immutable. We use a product called Rubrik.

Kerry Goode
CIO, City of Durham

The Scottish Government is excited to embrace public cloud, so all our new projects must have a cloud-first approach. One deciding factor for choosing Rubrik was its seamless cloud integration.

Neill Smith
Head of Infrastructure, The Scottish Government

Cloud Mobility

A Path to Cloud with a Cheaper Bill

In this new norm, cloud adoption is key to operational resilience. We help organizations archive securely to the cloud while solving for the best economics with automated lifecycle management. Cloud data is easily accessible with predictive search. 

For cloud-native applications, use Rubrik to provide radically simple policy-based protection. There’s no infrastructure required to get started, scale, and maintain. 


Do More with Less

By using Rubrik’s policy-driven approach, users can eliminate 99% of backup jobs – thousands of backup jobs are replaced with 2-3 SLA policies. Built-in automation that abstracts away complexity and an API-first approach that easily integrates data management into automation frameworks frees up 70-90% of administrative time. 

Federal Grant Information

State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP)

Rubrik works with State, Local, Territorial and Tribal (SLTT) governments to use the SLCGP funding for their Zero Trust data security solutions.


With Rubrik’s management simplicity, automated SLA policy engine, and Live Mount functionality, City of Sioux Falls has seen significant time savings and dramatically improved restore times to better serve its citizens.


City of Sioux Falls Enhances Data Protection to Better Serve Citizens with Rubrik

Rubrik provided City of Sioux Falls with global visibility to easily identify and lock down sensitive data exposure. As a result, the organization was able to avoid data exposure and proactively create remediation plans to address high-risk incidents.


Certified for the Government

Rubrik has built the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of government certifications and accreditations across the hybrid cloud, including Common Criteria EAL2+, Department of Defense Information Network APL, FIPS 140-2 Level-2 validated self-encrypting drives as its HDD and SSDs, and support for all major AWS and Microsoft Azure government infrastructure clouds.


Industry’s Broadest Support for Government Cloud


AWS GovCloud


AWS Commercial Cloud Services (C2S)


Microsoft Azure GovCloud

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