API Integrations for every use case

Integrate the Rubrik platform across a number of existing enterprise tools and workflows.


Welcome to our open source ecosystem

Integrate Rubrik with your existing tools for monitoring, provisioning, configuration management, and more. Leverage pre-built integrations or build your own services on top of the Rubrik platform.

Full-Featured APIs

Both GraphQL and REST APIs are available for customers to consume and use to build additional services.

Pre-Built Integrations

Integrate Rubrik APIs with your existing tools, extend to any third-party provider, or use pre-built integrations.

User-Friendly Resources

Get started immediately without any REST API knowledge. We provide interactive use cases, documentation, and code samples.

API-first Architecture

Every action in the Rubrik UI has a corresponding API that is documented and available for use. Or in other words, if you can do it through the Rubrik UI, you can programmatically do the same through an API.

API first Architecture

Easily integrate with anything

Rubrik’s world-class and fully documented APIs allow you to quickly get started with pre-built use cases, quick start guides, and integrations with popular tooling.

Self-Service Automation

Integrate with your favorite IT service management (ITSM) tool or service portal, such as ServiceNow or vRealize Automation.

Infrastructure as Code & Configuration Management

Use automation tools like Terraform to set up, configure, and update the Rubrik Security Cloud.

Test Automation

Integrate Live Mount functionality into test automation continuous integration (CI) workflows for virtualized, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle environments.

Command-Line Management & Scripting

Enjoy command-line interaction with Rubrik Security Cloud through the use of Software Development Kits and your favorite programming language such as Powershell, Python, or GO.

Centralized Monitoring & Logging

Use the same observability services to monitor your data protection solution. Easily integrate with Nagios, Prometheus, Splunk, vRealize Log Insight, and more.



Learning GraphQL and Rubrik

GraphQL vs REST

With the launch of Rubrik Security Cloud, a new way to interface with Rubrik APIs has been introduced, GraphQL. In our first episode, we will dive into why Rubrik chose to implement GraphQL endpoints, and what the difference is between our RESTful APIs and our GraphQL APIs.

Querying Rubrik data with GraphQL

At the core of GraphQL lies the query. Queries allow us to fetch exactly the data we need from the Rubrik platform. This episode will dive into how we form basic queries to retrieve Rubrik objects for usage with automation. We’ll talk about how to form a query, create fragments, and pass data into our queries using variables.

GraphQL Mutations and Rubrik

Mutations within GraphQL are simply queries that modify or change data within the target platform. In this episode, we will cover some of the various mutations available within the Rubrik GraphQL schema, and show you how they can be used to insert, update, or delete data.

Experience not required

User-friendly resources, such as documentation, quick start guides, walk-throughs, and an API playground, allow you to start consuming our APIs faster.

Fully Supported APIs

The Rubrik Security Cloud GraphQL API and certain SDKs and Integrations are completely backed by Rubrik Support. Discuss with your peers, discover new ideas, and ask any question on the Rubrik Support Forums

API Documentation

API Documentation

Every API endpoint is documented and is paired with sample code

API Documentation

API Playground

Test code and how the data that’s returned is formatted

API Playground

Quick start guides

Learn how to quickly install, authenticate, and use an integration

API Quick Start Guides

Get Virtual Walkthroughs


Getting Started with Roxie, Rubrik’s Intelligent Personal Assistant

Chris Wahl, Chief Technologist at Rubrik, walks through getting started with the Roxie, Rubrik’s Intelligent Personal Assistant.


Getting Started with the Rubrik SDK for Python

Drew Russell, Developer Advocate at Rubrik, shows how to easily get started with the Rubrik SDK for Python.


Getting Started with the Rubrik Provider for Terraform

The Rubrik Provider for Terraform makes it easy to manage your Rubrik cluster, as well as as other infrastructure, clouds, and SaaS offerings.


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