Rubrik for NAS Data Protection

NAS data protection at petabyte scale

Secure and manage your unruly unstructured data stores with cloud-speed, immutable, instantly searchable backups at petabyte-scale.


Cyber-proof your file data

Balance security and performance to protect and manage petabytes of NAS data, consisting of billions of files. Unlock policy-driven simplicity, cost savings, and high performance at scale across all NAS and any cloud to mitigate ransomware risk, meet business storage demands, and make smart backup and archive decisions.

Efficient protection​ with 10x performance

Protect data across all network attached storage technologies  with 10x performance boost on backup vs NDMP, so you can handle petabytes of data and still deliver against SLAs - with zero impact to production systems.

Ensure data recoverability

Find exactly what you are looking for, down to the file level​ with powerful search. Restore what you need, when you need it, and meet your RTOs. Recover anywhere— on-prem or in the cloud, to original source or alternate target​.

Act on your unstructured data

Discover and index billions of file-system objects, locate data quickly anywhere, and filter to curate for insights, easy retrieval, growing datasets or to directly archive. Gain visibility to make the right backup, archival, and retention decision and improve your TCO.

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No more struggles protecting and managing NAS data

You can now keep all NAS file data resilient against ransomware and other malicious attacks. Scan, index and move NAS data with multi-threaded, parallel operations ​and latency-aware file movement​, for true, incremental forever backup​ and eliminate backup windows.

Powerful search and restore

Quickly search and retrieve any version of your backup data at the file, directory, export, or system level. Recover to original source or alternate target.

Data Search

Discover and index

Scan all your NAS data and  search for files, folders, users and groups both onsite and in the cloud and get visibility into age and usage to make better storage and archival decisions.

Data Discover

From anywhere, to anywhere

Automate policy-based backup and archive operations from any NAS source directly to any on-premises or cloud NFS/S3 target, based on policy settings that you define.

Create policy image

High performance

Move data in parallel streams to maximize network throughput and eliminate impact to users with dynamic throttling.

High Performance image

API- first

REST API integration for automation, alerting, reporting​ and pre-built integration with popular NAS vendors: Dell EMC Isilon, NetApp FAS, Pure Storage FlashBlade, and Qumulo Hybrid Cloud File Storage.

API First

More Secure

NAS Cloud Direct delivers encrypted, immutable, air-gapped backups and code and credential isolation to increase resilience against attacks.

Improve TCO

Control NAS growth by storing directly and efficiently to archive tiers of cloud storage, consolidate backups, and reduce hardware and license spend.

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